All deleted tweets from politicians

@LSRPlaid Thanks, Liz. Working hard on Yazidis. Tried to ask at PMQs. Congrats most appreciated. Wasn't expecting women's photo!x

Congratulations to the New FM, Nicola Sturgeon. Commiserations to Willie Rennie. It just wasn't *quite* meant to be ...

@CraigCraigbhoy Wasn't silly, though. He was better than Celtic were giving him credit.

UK press were so agitated that I was arrested - I wasn't - they never stopped once to ask about what human rights abuses were happening.

@IsabelIssyplant Spoke to my office. Not sure what happened. Apologies. It wasn't deliberate.

@Chr1sMcLaughlin I wasn't elected to Twitter.

@allanmeikle Well, what we were playing last week wasn't football, but aye.

Except it wasn't as Kevin O'Donnell has since accepted. And I accepted and appreciated his apology. Line under.

@MichaelDaventry I wasn't speaking. Why would I? I introduced folk. They made speeches. And I was a last minute replacement for @KateOsamor

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

Interesting news that Iain Duncan Smith has resigned over cuts to disability benefits, after voting thru ESA cuts recently. Wasn't at Budget