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Member of Parliament for Vauxhall UK. #LeaveMeansLeave Retweets don’t necessarily mean endorsement


Member of Parliament for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford since 2010. Don’t do casework or correspondence by social media. Email me!

This bloke #Morrison just makes too many mistakes! Don’t risk the LNP in #Wentworth vote Labor #TimMurray #auspol

RT @FightingTories: Don’t buy it. The Liberals’ problems in this campaign have emanated entirely from Canberra and the damage has been cumu…

RT @vanbadham: My life of piety demands that I don’t use alcohol, drugs, or anything else “mind-altering” & I’ve got to say: the joy of liv…

You forgot ‘don’t really care!’ #auspil #horses #OperaHouse

RT @LukeLPearson: Love this analogy from the PM, ‘you don’t pretend your birthday is on another day’... it’s so apt. It’d be like a 65,000…

RT @becharnett: “Most of our women don’t have access to birthing on country” “We need this to happen to address what is a health emergency”…

RT @Shorten_Suite: JOURNALIST: No, you cut $1.2 billion. MORRISON: No, I don’t accept that. FACT 👇 #auspol

.@RNBreakfast @PaulBongiorno the Libs don’t have a ‘woman problem’ they have a man problem, way too many men!! It’s not about women, it’s about men hogging power #Auspol #AA

#Libspill they never learn or perhaps they don’t care no women in the Lib leadership team #nowomen #allblokes #typicallibs #auspol #timetogo

@FatherBob I don’t think so 😂😂😂 but I was horrified! #auspol