All deleted tweets from politicians

And as well as a fine mullet @MarkMcGowanMP & @Jess4SwanHills there’s our fabulous Labor candidate for Pearce Kim Travers #wapol #auspol #KimTravers

RT @billshortenmp: I’ve held 75 town hall meetings across Australia, so locals can ask me questions. But there’s always one question I ask them. #dementia @DementiaAus

RT @billshortenmp: There’s nothing more important than your health – and that’s why under Labor it will always be your Medicare card not your credit card that determine your access to good healthcare.

SMH there’s Kim Travers in Pearce & Melissa Teede in Canning running against Lib blokes too. Twenty-five year low: Liberals could be left with just five women in the House of Representatives…

RT @billshortenmp: There’s a clear choice in the by-elections today: Labor’s plan for better hospitals, or the Liberals’ plan for bigger banks.

RT @deemadigan: RT @deemadigan: ‘There’s no question wages will rise if the business tax cuts go through’ says Mathias Cormann based on NO EVIDENCE AT ALL.

There’s a crisis in aged care-limited places, long wait lists & a low paid workforce, yet big for profit aged care providers are paying little or no tax whilst in receipt of massive govt subsidies. This is disgraceful #ourturntocare @UnitedVoiceOz #auspol

RT @tanya_plibersek: There’s a bit of discussion about questions at @PressClubAust today. I’m completely relaxed about journalists asking me whatever they like - these journalists were just doing their jobs. Ping @andrewtillett @CroweDM @samanthamaiden

RT @SamPCrosby: Australia has had some great democratic experiments - Universal suffrage. Compulsory voting... Aaaand then there’s the Hare-Clark system of voting... wtf Tasmania and ACT... wtf? #tasvotes