All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @billshortenmp: I’ve held 75 town hall meetings across Australia, so locals can ask me questions. But there’s always one question I ask them. #dementia @DementiaAus

RT @billshortenmp: There’s nothing more important than your health – and that’s why under Labor it will always be your Medicare card not your credit card that determine your access to good healthcare.

RT @billshortenmp: There’s a clear choice in the by-elections today: Labor’s plan for better hospitals, or the Liberals’ plan for bigger banks.

RT @deemadigan: RT @deemadigan: ‘There’s no question wages will rise if the business tax cuts go through’ says Mathias Cormann based on NO EVIDENCE AT ALL.

RT @tanya_plibersek: There’s a bit of discussion about questions at @PressClubAust today. I’m completely relaxed about journalists asking me whatever they like - these journalists were just doing their jobs. Ping @andrewtillett @CroweDM @samanthamaiden

RT @SamPCrosby: Australia has had some great democratic experiments - Universal suffrage. Compulsory voting... Aaaand then there’s the Hare-Clark system of voting... wtf Tasmania and ACT... wtf? #tasvotes

RT @andrewjgiles: There’s one campaign full of purpose and energy in #BatmanVotes - @AustralianLabor’s! Powered by @gedkearney, a great plan and these people:

RT @QandA: “Unionists like me all around the world think there’s going to be a convergence of our movements because it’s necessary, but also because conditions are creating it.” @sallymcmanus #QandA…

RT @bradchilcott: There’s a criminal gang - let’s call them Tories - trying to poison the atmosphere, steal our water, reduce our wages, silence our voices, give rich people our money and make us blame it all on our neighbours! Some of them may even be masquerading as Australian citizens. #auspol