All deleted tweets from politicians

@GuidoTallman @bbcr4today Naughtie got the answer, it just wasn't the one he wanted

Ticket collector on S Wales train being amazingly kind to passenger who wanted to go to Romsey but is now on the way to Swansea.

Hague: EU treaty: Britain wanted a deal – not a row – in Brussels - Telegraph… via @Telegraph

PM points out France & Germany wanted Eurozone to call the shots on single market issues

"Look, I am the guy who took on Murdoch": Blair used to say "Look" too, when felt uncertain and wanted to look tough.

@straen politicians have different ambitions. I always wanted to go to Westminster.

@dylanjonesevans visited Trawsfynyndd a while ago; was told by Welsh-speaking workers they desperately wanted a new power station.

@5starcolwynbay Portillo is a temendous presenter. Was not really surprised they wanted to stay in Euro; fear of the unknown...

RT @BBCr4today: "We wanted every headline to be favourable to him [Tony Blair]. There was nothing that we weren't prepared to do” - @mrl ...

@AndrewStuart would normally, but have meeting in Colwyn Bay in morning and have to in Cardiff longer than I'd have wanted. Awful journey.