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Gerard Batten MEP (EU) tweeted :

Constitutional crisis: Remainer Speaker prevents Remainer May’s ‘Not Really Leaving Deal’ being voted on. He want’s EU to extend Art 50 indefinitely. How ironic it will be if EU refuses & we are forced out by default on 29th. A majority of Parliament are utter traitors.

Gerard Batten MEP (EU) retweeted @UKIP :

RT @UKIP: UKIP Leader @GerardBattenMEP - “If you don’t like Mrs May’s #Brexitbetrayal you must join, vote and support UKIP.” Join: https…

Gerard Batten MEP (EU) retweeted @UKIP :

RT @UKIP: An Englishman in his garden: UKIP Leader @GerardBattenMEP filming an address to the British people on Theresa May’s Brexit treach…

@Bryan527Bryan I would vote to reject May’s ‘deal’, but I want to leave EU. The Referendum you suggest would not work.