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SNP MSP, H&I region, Minister for Children & Young People. Tweets mostly fun, email for work. Pharmacist, foodie & rugby fan. What’s the female for family man?

RT @IpsaYadav: Why can’t television or any other media advertisement openly mention the word ‘menstruation’? What’s so wrong about it? It’s a natural bodily process!

RT @koolkgpian: RT @koolkgpian: #HappyWomensDay Q: What’s the potential of a woman? A:

@sunetrac What’s Dhananjai Joshi’s reading/prediction?

What’s with politicians and topi+ keffiyeh during Iftaar?

RT @Iyervval: What’s amazing about this tweet is almost everyone RTing it is a Pakistani. So much for Muslim solidarity & the Umma, these purchased Muslims would rather have their co-religionists gassed than take on China. Castrati…

RT @sajjanjindal: Today is my father's 89th Birth Anniversary. Bauji always reminded me, “What’s good for the nation is only good for business.” Our family stays committed to his vision. The true 'Man of Steel' and a great philanthropist! We miss you Bauji ! #TributeToOPJ

@makhan_pandey1 @BDUTT @priyankac19 Even if that’s true, what’s wrong in Barkha giving me 500 bucks? Aapko chahiye tha kya?

What’s Pablo Escobar’s haryana connection?

RT @TheTweetOfGod: RT @TheTweetOfGod: Happy Maha Shivaratri! I want to get a gift for Shiva and Parvati, but what’s the appropriate gift for a couple’s ∞th we…