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Devendra Sharma (india) retweeted @JIX5A :

RT @JIX5A: RT @JIX5A: These Christians killed an owl because of their superstition! It is you who are evil not the owl!

RT @Gurubhat_: @kayskay7 @Dev_Jurix Portuguese Christians did exactly the same to my ancestors in Goa; apostates were burnt ALIVE...... hands/legs chopped off alive in a city square. Both religion of books, I-Slam and Christianity are the two sides of the same coin, both are extremely intolerant of other religions

RT @KausikGy: In Kerala 18% Christians control 47% of the aided (govt. pays but the community appoints) colleges and 36% of the aided schools, says noted economist Jose Sebastian. He calls it a great communal imbalance and departure from the ideal of secularism.

RT @Voice_For_India: House for rent for only Christians & again media & liberals are silent. Image if Hindus did this than all media & Bollywood would start a protest & say Hindus are intolerant. It would be headline news. Why do Hindus always have to walk on eggshells in a majority Hindu country?

RT @govindarokade: @drpsvvardhan Three of our Biggest Civilisational mistakes - 1. We left our primary education in hands of Christians, 2. We left our history in hands of Communists 3. We left our entertainment in hands of Islamists

RT @RealHistoriPix: CMC Vellore wants Christians for all its posts Jesus & Mary college of DU hires only Baptist Principal AMU, Jamia lsIamia has 50% reservation for MusIims But only BHU has complusion to hire MusIim professors for its Vedic dept!

RT @ImamFarrkhinn: RT @ImamFarrkhinn: ‘Convert To Islam Or Die, Infidels’ Muslim Cleric Gives Ultimatum To Iraqi Christians | Walid Shoebat…

This is biggest misrepresentations except four each and everyone was seculars, muslims, christians including Dr Rajendra Prasad…

RT @hstapanghosh: RT @hstapanghosh: If Muslims & Christians are minorities in Maha,UP,Bihar, why are Hindus not minorities in J&K,Mizoram,Nagaland,Arunachal…