All deleted tweets from politicians

"Dear Points of View, why oh why oh why does the BBC insist upon screening #bbcqt at the same time as Pawn Stars is on History Channel?"

Someone should warn Len McCluskey to be careful, lest Ruth mock his accent #bbcqt

To be fair to David Mundell, he is the best performer of all the Tory MPs in Scotland #bbcqt

Sees Jon Pienaar on #bbctw literally saying “two world wars and one World Cup” to a guest. Recalls the accusation of bias on #bbcqt. Weeps

In a minute we will be pausing #bbcqt for a 'duck and cover' drill...

Duncan Bannatyne should just respond to every question by saying 'you haven't got a business here, it's preposterous, I'm out' #bbcqt

Kick the claimants klaxon #bbcqt

In Michael Heseltine's dystopia all back gardens will be owned by angry people and will contain Trident #bbcqt

'We are giving them self respect and self esteem. Now get up and go to work you feckless wasters' #bbcqt