All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @RichardJMurphy: So, to rank performances 1st Sturgeon 2nd Corbyn 11th Swinson 137th Johnson #BBCqt

RT @Stoviesplz: UPDATE from tonight’s #BBCQT: 1. Claire Feaver Tory councillor Forres. 2. Frank Brown, Tory councillor Elgin. 3. Jane Lax…

RT @Ian_Fraser: clueless about trade, Nigel Farage starts spouting total nonsense. #bbcqt

RT @AngrySalmond: I think Joanna Cherry might be my new favourite SNP. She's a good SNP. #bbcqt

RT @robmcd85: Audience member says on matters of Scottish Independence, English people should be quiet #bbcqt

It is the cluelessness of the likes of Iain Martin that is making a mess of the UK and on course to poverish the place 🙈 #bbcqt

RT @WingsScotland: Can now confirm that Billy The Bigot has in fact made speaking appearances on at least FOUR episodes of #bbcqt. https://…

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: #bbcqt The SNP should bring focus to Commons thinking by insisting on Article 50 being revoked or we hold an independ…

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: #bbcqt ... #OldNewsflash Every Brexit "Deal" is worse than membership ... 🙈🙈🙄

#bbcqt Funny watching the realisation (on panel and audience) that the EU have a say in a 2 party deal between EU and UK .... Off their heads :)