All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @DerekScott1984: RT @DerekScott1984: What will Ed Miliband do for Scotland? Less than Sturgeon, Hosie or Salmond will, that's for sure. #GE2015 #VoteSNP

RT @GailforERB: Thanks to all the activists who came along to launch my campaign for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire! #VoteSNP #GailforERB

RT @GailforERB: RT @GailforERB: I'm out and about in Jedburgh this morning with the fab @CalumKerrSNP. #VoteSNP

RT @markmcdsnp: RT @markmcdsnp: Just some examples of how @theSNP is delivering for Scotland. #votesnp #GE15…

RT @markmcdsnp: RT @markmcdsnp: "On a daily basis we are finding people who've never voted @theSNP before but they will now" @callum_mccaig #VoteSNP http:/…

RT @markmcdsnp: RT @markmcdsnp: "We will build a fairer society and make sure Trident is gone" @AbdnNorthKirsty #VoteSNP #GE15