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RT @sahouraxo: You dropped bombs on #Damascus, #Syria, right as Syrian Christians were in the midst of their Christmas celebrations.…

RT @sahouraxo: What more than 5 years of war and terrorism couldn’t destroy: Hundreds of Syrian Christians celebrate Palm Sunday all across Syria’s liberated Aleppo yesterday.

RT @sahouraxo: Even the Christians of #Syria'’s #Aleppo are mourning Qassem #Soleimani, holding a mass in his honor because he protected their community from ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists. Something you definitely won’t be seeing on the likes of CNN, BBC or Fox News.

RT @sahouraxo: Syrian Christians peacefully observe Holy Mass at the Latin Church in Syria’s terrorism-free Aleppo to mark the end of the Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. File this under “things that the mainstream media will never consider newsworthy”.

RT @sahouraxo: Heartbreaking. These Syrian Christians, most of them kids, were killed today by terrorists masquerading as “moderate rebels”, in Syria’s Christian town of Mhardeh. Their deaths don’t advance NATO and Saudi Arabia’s designs on Syria though so you won’t be seeing them on the MSM.

RT @sahouraxo: Assad today: "Christians are not guests or emigrant birds. They are from the origins of our nation and without them, there is no #Syria."

RT @Partisangirl: I suppose #Israel supporters will claim #hamas sent #Palestinian christians and priests to the #Gaza march too right? #USEmbassyJerusalem #USEmbassy #MarchofReturn

RT @Partisangirl: Why Palestinian Christians are protesting #israel in #Gaza, It's not because of #Hamas, it's because Israel stole #Jerusalem.…

RT @sahouraxo: Heartwarming news from Syria: For the first time in over 6 years, Syriac Christians in the Assyrian town of Tal Baloua are celebrating the Lady Day Festival, after ISIS terrorists were defeated and kicked out of their village.…

RT @sahouraxo: This won’t make the headlines in the Western media today: Al-Qaeda terrorists have massacred Syrian Christians in Hama, among them 5 children and 1 woman. The attack was launched from #Idlib, the same city Macron and Trump don’t want #Syria to liberate.