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RT @BillSimmons: Can’t stop watching this…

RT @ChrisNowinski1: Parents, if your son takes a hit like this and can’t stand up, and the team leaves him in, just walk on the court and p…

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Given Donald Trump can’t get past his insecure obsession with John McCain, and given his gross slandering a deceased war hero who can’t defend himself, here is @SteveSchmidtSES flawlessly comparing Trump & McCain VIDEO:

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So insecure, so broken, can’t concede even the simplest of human errors.

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Can’t buy this kind of spin.

@DavidTayler @Oz10G @HellsBellsAmi I can’t rebut “Pfft”. You win. Check mate

RT @CaseyNeistat: can’t wait to share the doc we’ve been working so hard on. @ShawnMendes is a force.

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Correction: we can’t seem to expand and modernize an *existing* pipeline…

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RT @jkenney: So the BC New Democrats are suing to block our oil shipments, while suing to demand that we sell them our oil. Can’t make thi…

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One can’t just choose to exclude trade in services to create a convenient new number.