All deleted tweets from politicians



MP for Waiariki. Authorised Tāmati Coffey, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn. We’re all in this together and no one makes it out alive. So lets look after each other.

Justin Trudeau (Liberal) tweeted :

We put a price on pollution to fight climate change. And we’re making it affordable for Canadians with the Climate Action Incentive. Today I dropped by @HRBlockCanada in Ottawa to remind people that they’ll get money back when they file their taxes.

Sean Casey MP (Liberal) tweeted :

We’re making zero-emission vehicles a realistic option for more Canadians by making them up to $5,000 cheaper. We're also building the infrastructure to support them. We recently announced a $300k investment to build 6 EV fast chargers across PEI.

We’re on the side of retirees and will continue to fight for them. Nearly 1 million older Australians will be hit by Labor’s retiree tax if they’re elected. #BuildingOurEconomy

Great to see our volunteers in full swing today! Here in SA we’re working hard to keep our Senate seat so we can keep the bastard honest and hold the big parties in Canberra to account. Putting Climate Action and protecting The Bight from oil drilling on the top of our list!

@Sinesurfer 1. I am not proposing liberalisation of cannabis. Not now, not ever. I’m proposed regulation. 2. We’re regulating MSSAs to decrease their proliferation in the general populous. We’re continuing to regulate other guns, many of which can be & are used instead of unnecessary MSSAs.

Margot James (UKMPs) tweeted :

Today I chaired the #DigitalSkillsPartnership. We’re bringing government, industry and civil society together to improve skills across the nation and make sure no one is left behind. 👩‍💻👨🏾‍💻

Would-be Tory leaders Boris & Gove promised £350m a week for our NHS & we’re already losing it from just voting Leave #StopBrexit

Roberts Zīle (EU) tweeted :

“What we’re seeing on Capital Hill right now is that the Democrats are walking back any charges of Collusion against the President.” @ByronYork @BillHemmer Should never have been started, a disgrace!

Was the background song, “we’re not going to take it”, or, “I’m not going to make it” ???