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North Devon MP since 2015. Used to be on the wireless. Sorry I don’t see all incoming Tweets & usually can’t respond here; please email & I’ll be happy to help.

You can’t have reconciliation without respect. After walking 8500 km to bring the Prime Minister a message of truth and reconciliation, Alwyn Doolan has now begun the long journey home – after being refused a meeting request by Scott Morrison.…

Iain Gray (Labour) tweeted :

Very much hope this person is OK. But can’t help thinking we could do with causality being dramatically rescued more often in modern public & political discourse.....…

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

Australians are feeling like no matter how hard they work they just can’t get ahead because their wages aren’t keeping up with energy, health and food costs… #auspol #politas #ausvotes19

@bencubby @GrayConnolly @ShellenbergerMD Can’t be bothered = Haven’t got the evidence to rebute @Bencubby 101

The facist regime, unhappy that they can’t prove any of their unfounded accusations, and unable to use victimisation as a tool to pressure the PPP, is now shifting my aunt to Adiala jail in the middle of night. If they think we will waver, they are poor students of history.

@IanBench1 @robdoylev @TaxUnjust @BirkdaleLabour Hi Ian, I can’t find the email you are referring to. Could you do me a favour and re-send it and I’ll make sure you receive a response.

@Sheekey53 @PeterStefanovi2 Hi David, I can’t find any emails from you regarding hate crime. If you could re-send it I will ensure you receive a response.

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

We can’t allow Corbyn to ruin our economy. There’s only one way to stop him #BackBoris @BackBoris

David Maynier (DA) tweeted :

I can’t bear the what’s-going-on-inside-the-governing party weekend press in SA!

So many British Columbians are working hard but feel like they just can’t get ahead.@Andrewesaxton and I will work everyday to put money in your pocket so you can get ahead. Happy to join Andrew at his campaign office opening, I look forward to working with him in Ottawa.