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Wishing a Merry Christmas to all Christians in Pakistan & everyone celebrating around the world. Don't forget to keep yourselves & others safe by observing COVID-19 SOPs. #Christmas2020

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

Some Christians complaining about the church closures saying hey have less rights than #LGBTQ. I’m sorry, what? I’m yet to see a tax registration form that has an opt-in for a 9% LGBTQ tax that prominent gays could use to pay for a villa. #COVID19

Rajesh Padmar (india) tweeted :

VHP Kendreeya Margadarshak Mandal Meeting passes major resolutions, urges brethern who became Muslims - Christians now or few generations ago, to return to Hindu Dharma. Also, resolutions condemns Palghar Incident, Atrocities against Women, Killings of Hindu Activists.

Built by the indigenous Byzantine Greek Christians, the Hagia Sophia was the greatest church in the world for a thousand years. For generations it’s been a World Heritage Site open to all. Unilaterally destroying that status quo is a sad act of colonialism that must be reversed.

Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

Pathetic all those creepily speaking against CAA, need to know that while Christians are being marginalised worst are the Hindus SC’s who can not even apply for scavenging jobs. Shameless !

Paul Calandra (unknown) tweeted :

Today Christians around the world mark Good Friday, a commemoration of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. As you spend the day in reflection and look towards the joy of Easter, I want to wish you a Blessed Good Friday.

Congress in News (india) tweeted :

India is not a country of Hindus only,it is country of Muslims, Christians&Parsis too.Students r equal here,Madan Mohan Malviya ji had said

@JDwraf @JoelTory @FenellaBowden @huwthomas_Wales Huw, Christians don't take the easy road, they take the right road. You profess publicly to be a practising Christian, do you not? Your silence says a lot. Leaders lead. Plz acknowledge this matter.

@LahartJack @DennisPrager In other words, slavery was abolished, not only by Christians, but by capitalists.…

@GarethQuinn80 @tomhatton1 No Gareth, 60% of people in the UK are Christians. 25% state no religion and the remainder is split between other religions. We have been a Christian country for 1000 years ! Albeit we have freedom of worship. So we may not advertise our religion but it doesn’t change the facts.