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Gavin Davis (DA) replied to @AllanMoolman :

@AllanMoolman They don’t bear the brunt of these consequence. Children do

1. If you care that passionately, do it during the weekend and don’t disrupt your education 2. See @halfon4harlowMP #baccalaureate proposal 3. Inform the public that you will make getting home to their own children difficult 4. 16 is too young to make a career choice, therefore

@Dunadan9 @celtic_spring @BBCNews And here are the latest Welsh figures (December.) Don’t know how many people were seen bang on the 4hr deadline but ....

You don’t have to be a “Marxist revolutionary” to disagree with this softly softly strategy. #Brexjt is a catastrophe about to hit Scotland & the only way to protect our society & economy is #independence #indyref2…

“You’re telling me that there are people out there who don’t have a share portfolio? You’re kidding, right?”

@Ben_S_Harper From time to time these moments of clarity to present themselves, don’t they.

“We don’t have a snowball’s chance in Australia to address climate change without taxing polluters” Staying true to pedigree as the fiercest Climate Minister and purveyor of dad jokes @jamespeshaw @NZGreens #NZPol

This week is #HeartUnions week. If you’re not a member of a union. Why don’t you join?

@hazelhelen1984 The funny thing is that you truly don’t get the irony, do you?

I don’t often comment on the Tweets of #Trump but in this one, I think he’s referring to the trail of tears. So much, so badly wrong in one Tweet. How did this happen? #NothingLikeTheWestWing #BringBackBartlet #HashtagsAreJokes