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RT @MarkFoxNews: RT @MarkFoxNews: How does he know? We haven’t brexited yet?…

Those leavers saying they’ll just switch to Vegemite - you really haven’t grasped this yet.

@HarryYorke1 I don’t. Or at least I haven’t thought about it too hard. Was just being silly.

RT @ForChange_Now: “Politics has changed a lot. But I haven’t. I was raised here in Bath, reliant on the welfare state and the care of the NHS. It’s this that has informed my values today. As a young person, I feel betrayed by both parties. I want to ensure young people are heard”, @Ollie_Middleton

@UN_News_Centre @UN @antonioguterres Haven’t they forgotten South Sudan’s #women in their new #government?

RT @TanyaLalondie: Our community of Buffalo Lake also has a rodeo every year and it’s my favourite time to go back and visit. Haven’t been able to go in a long time though but am hoping to make it out this summer with the fam.

RT @evanoconnell: RT @evanoconnell: “#Poland’s government needs to do more to fight far right radicalism. They haven’t done enough up until now” — @sikorskir…

Jacqui Lambie (unknown) tweeted :

Thank you everyone for signing up for a Royal Commission into DVA & Defence - if you haven’t signed up yet go⁩ lets keep this going! #auspol

I haven’t got the big union bosses backing me with lots of £££. I’m on the ballot because of you ✊🏾❤ If every one of my followers chipped in just the price of a bus ticket twice we’d raise enough to run the whole campaign. Chip in 👉🏾

RT @MFCheeseFries: RT @MFCheeseFries: You haven’t lived until you get to 30 seconds