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MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk. Fighting against IndyRef2 : Out of hours, I’m training for my next marathon, somewhere. Triathlete. Ironman.


MP for Braintree. Dept Chairman of the @Conservatives. Constituency stuff on my Facebook page. I don’t see all tweets I’m tagged in so email if it’s important

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

Great piece by @chakrabortty today on Davis. He says the nine most laughable words in the English language are “I’m from the elite and I’m here to help”. Brilliant

Joe Oliver (unknown) tweeted :

I’m sorry @StephenLeDrew was fired from @CP24 Live at Noon. He was an engaging host & interviewer who covered a wide range of issues with edgy verve, insight, humour & fearless search for facts & the truth, which explained his high ratings. I’m sure he will continue to be heard.

Michael Waters (DA) tweeted :

I’m receiving shocking photos and videos of what is happening in Zimbabwe. I can verify and the videos/pictures are too graphic to post. The world needs to act now!

‘I’m a nutshell’ that’s a new one! 😂😂

@AndileNcube @jamesblake @Sjava_ATM I won’t pretend I only listen to local music “for votes”. No one does, I’m sure you don’t either. I love @jamesblake’s music and he released and album today. I don’t even know why I’m having to explain myself. 🙄 Have a great Friday.

@zeddarcee @Ntldb I’m not the DA’s Spokesperson. I haven’t been for almost a year now. 🤦🏾‍♀️Typos happen to everyone. It’s Friday, relax. Hope it’s a good now.

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, I’m thinking of my Grandad and all those who served our country over the last century #RAF100

@JonBlackmoreArt This is not a gutter campaign but I’m not surprised that committed remain campaigners like you find it uncomfortable. I represent tens of thousands of Leave voters who do not deserve to be made to feel like this.

I’ve written an open letter to my constituents about why I’m voting in support of the Prime Minister’s Withdrawel Agreement tonight #BrexitDealVoteDay

@loudonCorkOne Thanks Richard. I’m very lucky to be party of @theSNP team