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The fish rots from the head - we will not heal the body politic with May’s leadership. My short speech today in parliament on why I voted no confidence in this Government.…

2 Welsh Tory MPs voted down May’s #Brexit deal. But they come from opposite sides of the debate, & are looking for different outcomes. That’s just another sign of why I don’t think this can be resolved in Parliament. So, do the democratic thing, with a #PeoplesVoteNow

House of Commons vote on #Brexit PM May’s deal: 442 AGAINST, 202 FOR. The biggest government defeat EVER! #Brexitvote #Brexitdeal 👇👇👇👇

@Chrisgrayling has stooped to a new low. In a bid to get colleagues to back May’s deal he claimed that stopping Brexit would ‘open the door’ to ‘extremist forces’ in the UK. This kind of scaremongering is not only dangerous, but it is embarrassing.

Jo Johnson (Conservative) tweeted :

May’s deal just adds more poison to Brexit…

Bill Esterson (Labour) tweeted :

Drip feed of misinformation by government. Media faithfully reporting false choice that it’s either May’s Deal or No Deal. Both must be rejected by Parliament. There are better alternatives and MPs must work together to find them.

Roger Helmer (EU) tweeted :

Kiss of death — Juncker has written to MPs pleading with them to approve May’s deal next week. If that doesn’t seal its fate, not

Adrian Bailey MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Both Theresa May’s deal and leaving the EU on WTO terms would fail to protect jobs in the Black Country. My speech from the emergency debate on a no deal Brexit yesterday: via @YouTube

Andrew Gwynne MP (Labour) tweeted :

📺 WATCH: This morning I was on #Marr. Theresa May’s Government isn’t just stuck in the mire over Brexit, it’s failing to function on the day-to-day business of running the country and it’s our public services and communities that are suffering.

Steven Woolfe MEP (EU) tweeted :

You didn’t. Ultra Extremist Remainers, May’s #Brexitbetrayers, Elitist & snobbish civil servants & corporate supporters did.#Democracydead, #pointlessvoting, #abolishparliament.