All deleted tweets from politicians

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

My first exchange in Parliament was with Rory Stewart on Horn Lane pollution. Nice chap but - voted for May’s Brexit deal 3x - his new ambition oozes Etonian aristocratic entitlement The best qualified person for London Mayor is anti-Brexit son of a taxi driver @SadiqKhan

Gerard Batten MEP (EU) tweeted :

Constitutional crisis: Remainer Speaker prevents Remainer May’s ‘Not Really Leaving Deal’ being voted on. He want’s EU to extend Art 50 indefinitely. How ironic it will be if EU refuses & we are forced out by default on 29th. A majority of Parliament are utter traitors.

Dan Carden MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Nothing has changed. Theresa May’s botched #WithdrawalAgreement fails to protect jobs, rights and industries. It’s a bad deal for communities whether they voted to Leave or Remain. I will vote against it tonight.

Lesley Laird (UKMPs) tweeted :

Today I will be voting against Theresa May’s deal. All this theatre of flying to Strasburg & late night statements is just a farse. Nothing - absolutely nothing has changed.

Theresa May’s ‘race disparity audit’ tells us nothing and offers no fresh solutions by @DawnButlerBrent…

3/7 Theresa May’s promise that no one will be deported must extend to all those affected – not just those already able to produce documents and jump through Home Office hoops.

Theresa May’s approach to Brexit is putting businesses at risk – and business organisations like @CBItweets agree. Only @UKLabour will protect jobs and the economy. #PMQs

It's unacceptable for Parliament to have to wait another month to vote on Theresa May’s botched Brexit deal. She's running scared of a vote on her Brexit deal – because she knows she will lose.

‘without those “binding changes” it is hard to see why a vote for Mrs May’s current deal in exchange for her resignation is a victory for the ERG.’ Quite. Which is why this silly idea does not origin among us.…

Vince Cable (UKMPs) tweeted :

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