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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @chris_sussman: RT @chris_sussman: #StillGame received an amazing 58% share in Scotland last night. Highest of the year, apart from Wimbledon final. Congra…

RT @KateForbesMSP: And as a reminder, most of our requests won't cost the Treasury a penny - so either he doesn't care (Scotland isn't high enough on his list of priorities), or its purely a political position (Tory ideology will trump good sense.)

RT @MidlothianWest: Great article from Alex Massie on the convenient ‘delay’ to the report on education in Scotland The SNP is using Covid to bury bad news… via @spectator

RT @MidlothianWest: To Americans wondering what’s going on here. Scotland has survived due to financial help from rUK, but some of their citizens now want to ruin its economy by frightening away the tourists that we rely on more than ever.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) tweeted :

It reads like a textbook for government in Scotland during in the early 21st century.

RT @BizforScotland: RT @BizforScotland: NEW: Brexit has cost Scotland £5.4bn of EU funding for COVID-19 recovery

RT @devisridhar: Scottish press briefing: FM Sturgeon pushing for a 4 nation (England, Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland) agreement on COVID-19 ‘elimination’ strategy to stop community transmission, drive #s low & have strongest basis to rebuild economy. @GabrielScally

Thinking of all the young people across Scotland waiting for results tomorrow. The last few months have been so tough for you, so whatever tomorrow brings, we’ll done! And remember, there are always options open to you. Good luck to you all.

Monica Lennon (Labour) tweeted :

Many people in Scotland who live with chronic pain conditions feel abandoned. @JeaneF1MSP must get the full range of NHS services they need up and running again. Patients shouldn’t have to go private or feel that there life isn’t worth living.…

RT @daTARTANSPARTAN: RT @daTARTANSPARTAN: @JoanMcAlpine you are absolutely brilliant. You guys HAVE to watch her holding the Sec of State for Scotland to account