All deleted tweets from politicians

Janice Atkinson (EU) replied to @Refugees :

@Refugees And the real reason she’s not allowed to play football with her brothers? It’s not because they’re in a camp. Clue: she’s female in a certain religion

Fadden campaign launched! Get behind Luz Stanton for @AustralianLabor to beat Stuart Robert. She’s worked in higher ed, un acting and she even pays her internet bills.

@JimKerr1973 She’s not a racist, I am happy to vouch for that in my dealings with her.

Outside of everything today, I please give @ClaireRattee a follow. She’s an accomplished artist and small business owner, kick ass, an out Conservative candidate in Skeena-Bulkley Valley. She doesnt suffer fools and takes no prisoners. I’d love to see her as an MP.

Great @Channel4News interview with @afuahirsch @galdemzine @ginayashere quote had me stitches “She’s not exotic. She’s not from a tribe in the Amazon. She’s American” #MeghanAndHarry…

Zali claims to be a “moderate”. What a joke! On her own admission, she’s never voted Liberal in her life at a federal election and thinks that Labor’s climate change policies don’t go far enough. Vote Steggall, get Shorten!

Rósa Björk B (iceland) tweeted :

Ms. Begum was a 15 year old vulnerable teenage girl when she left U.K. Now she’s a vulnerable 19 year old young teenage mother with a newborn boy. I cannot understand this lack of compassion and humanity at UK government.

‘The birth of democracy?’ Can someone tell her that it began in Athens, 1,500 years ago. She’s a bit late there. If ‘the last thing the country needs now is any kind of election,’ we won’t hear @heidiallen75 calling for a #Peoplesvote then. #Upside

Chris Hazzard (UKMPs) tweeted :

Events at Westminster are a charade; British PM knows there will be no reopening of that agreement; she’s been told; this is nothing but a cynical attempt to blame others for their #BrexitShambles

@FatherBob Siri spoke to me one day when I was on my feet speaking in the senate. She’s been turned off ever since #auspol #nosiri