All deleted tweets from politicians

Lisa Raitt (Conservative) tweeted :

Remind me how much the Liberal Carbon tax is going to cost people in Ontario and NB this year? $2400? That’s about $200 a month. Read below to see what $200/month extra in taxes does to a family. #OutOfTouch

Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

There is nothing unusual in Clerks helping MPs table amendments & offering advice on procedures of the House. That’s there job. #Marr

‘I’m a nutshell’ that’s a new one! 😂😂

Over 20% of the parliamentary seats at the next European elections will be held by hard right parties - that’s a huge percentage for any parliament. I’m worried about how much worse this could get if social democrats don’t start standing up to this shift. #FEPFAB19

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

George looking at your photo that’s pot call the kettle black.

@KgosiMalatsi Fundisisa kahle be bhutiza, I tried compassion but that’s clearly a language you don’t understand so let’s try this: fokof emzimbheni wam’, hamba uyonya. ❤️😘

That’s not to say I will always be a willing punchbag. I too, am human & won’t tolerate being abused. So masinga jwayelani kabi

Half a billion of taxpayers’ dollars. That’s what Peter Dutton’s Department spent on entertainment and office furniture for executives... in a single year. It’s simply unacceptable.

Canadians are increasingly concerned w escalating incidents between China + Canada. That’s why I worked w @ErinOToolMP to convene #FAAE today. I urge all MPs to vote in favour of a briefing from the Amb @HonJohnMcCallum #cdnpoli #cdnfa @NDP