All deleted tweets from politicians

Sadly not unbelievable - he has been saying privatise the NHS for years and years - that’s at least - consistent. 😡

@carolyn_hitt That’s not fair, nobody was attacked

Bill Esterson (Labour) tweeted :

My daughter pointed out no ones watching @Eurovision in our house anymore. I just said that’s because it’s rubbish. Clue, I didn’t say rubbish!

@NicolaSturgeon @theSNP Nope that’s a vote to back your call for another indy ref. to stop #Brexit you have to vote @scotlibdems

Diana Johnson (Labour) tweeted :

And that’s why we continue to fight for a woman’s right to chose and to update the ‘67 Act to have a modern abortion act which is not based on Victorian criminal law and puts women’s healthcare needs first. #TrustWomen @bpas1968

That’s not how your spell University 🤪

@j03m34kin I had one I shared with 16 others st uni. That’s life

@realDonaldTrump With respect, Mr President, that’s not how it works. Tariffs are paid by American consumers, not Chinese corporates.…

a record number of coalition mps will owe their sears to one nation and Clive Palmer, that’s how preferences work You choose…

👀 ‘the universe!’ That’s a big call #auspol