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RT @moniquerankine: RT @moniquerankine: The police killed a BLACK FEMALE in Toronto today. They threw her over the balcony and there’s no news coverage on this…

RT @fatimakramhayat: - the pandemic also taught me to be brave and honest, since our time is so limited and on shaky ground - there’s hope that one day this will all end and he’ll jump on a plane to 🇵🇰 or me to 🇺🇸 - there’s love and happiness to be found in even the most gloomy times (6/many)

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RT @pbergsen: If the frugals insist on there being both grants and loans in the fund there’s an obvious solution: add another €500bn in lending capacity. The frugals can say that only half the fund is “grants” and the southern member states can politely pass on the offer to take up the loans.

RT @bbcnickrobinson: Cummings offers no regrets, blames media reporting for the view that there’s one rule for him & another for everyone else & insists he behaved reasonably in “exceptional circumstances” 1/2

RT @Anthony__Koch: Guys for the 500000th time, there’s nothing wrong with Scheer being a dual citizen. The issue is that HE made an issue of dual-citizenship when it came to folks like Michelle Jean becoming Governor General or Stephane Dion/Thomas Mulcair becoming Prime Minister. IE hypocrisy.

RT @christina014_: There’s something very ironic about Labour MPs complaining about shipbuilding jobs being advertised internationally. I vaguely remember a 2014 promise that all jobs would come to the Clyde. Labour campaigned for Better Together. This is the UK the fought for.

Justin Trudeau (Liberal) tweeted :

There’s nothing quite like an East Coast Kitchen Party! And while things haven’t exactly been easy lately, we’re going to get through it all together. So tune in tonight and enjoy the show - and remember you’re not alone. #SickNotWeak ➡️

There’s no point investing in technology that “we are going to unplug in a few years’ time. @pcanfin making the frugal argument for a #GreenRecovery to @POLITICOEurope #eudk

@tina_plunkett And happened only two months ago. There’s no “with hindsight I do care about women/Rainbow/climate issues, please ignore that very real vote...”, which is dubious at the best of times when we’re talking fundamentals.

@PickardJE Jim, that bit doesn’t include Bojo’s mates though does it? Surely there’s a * with a titchy exclusion for Tory besties ◽