All deleted tweets from politicians

Kerry McCarthy (Labour) tweeted :

Ok so I’m at @Crofters_Rights to see some bands and there’s a naked man playing keyboards, worryingly close to the audience .

@radeksikorski Not sure what a lesse passe is. There’s a document called a laissez-passer. What is it with Eurofanatics and their poor language skills?

Lord Kirkhope (EU) tweeted :

@anthea_mcintyre But I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t complain, and there’s nothing about it on the fron page of the newspapers this morning!!

@WayneThring @RevMeshoe @sindane3 @eNCA He endorses a racist warmongering parish Apartheid Israel. There’s a place for such people when they leave this earthly life.

Great to see Andy Murray make a winning return to tennis today. Hete’s hoping there’s lots more to come. #MurrayMagic @QueensTennis

Smug “Liberals” say there’s a strong economy FACTS: 📈Debt-collectors booming 🔥Companies collapses up 11.2% 🛍Bank says retailers suffering worse than GFC What is the govt's plan? They talk endlessly about Labor but won't get back to work. #auspol…

Liisa Past (estonia) replied to @LiisaPast :

20 minutes after stated boarding time, its not started and there’s a dozen of us at the desk. Everyone’s ticket was taken to rework but mine.

Lisa Raitt (Conservative) tweeted :

"Bottom line is there’s no solid connection between climate change and the major indicators of extreme weather, despite Trudeau’s claims to the contrary. The continual claim of such a link is misinformation employed for political and rhetorical purposes."…

In 1967 Pierre Trudeau said: “there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation." In 2019 Justin Trudeau thinks there is a place for the state in the newsrooms of the nation.

If there’s one thing Twitter will show you, it’s how incredibly insecure EFF ‘supporter’ are and how ‘superior logic’ revolves around violence and ‘dealing’ with people.