All deleted tweets from politicians

WTF is happening world? There’s something real & serious which is to be unearthed! #ncovid19

@RahmanRam I did read about that. Feels there’s something even beyond, looking at Italy going out of control! :(

Every week a farmer dies by suicide: There’s a tsunami of anxiety in the rural economy. How do we tackle it & help people suffering in silence? Grt to join ⁦@EDP24⁩ panel w ➡️ @VictoriaPrentis ➡️ @yanafarming ➡️ @HertsFarmer ➡️ @JonDuffy13…

Justin Trudeau (Liberal) tweeted :

There’s nothing quite like an East Coast Kitchen Party! And while things haven’t exactly been easy lately, we’re going to get through it all together. So tune in tonight and enjoy the show - and remember you’re not alone. #SickNotWeak ➡️

There’s no point investing in technology that “we are going to unplug in a few years’ time. @pcanfin making the frugal argument for a #GreenRecovery to @POLITICOEurope #eudk

@tina_plunkett And happened only two months ago. There’s no “with hindsight I do care about women/Rainbow/climate issues, please ignore that very real vote...”, which is dubious at the best of times when we’re talking fundamentals.

@PickardJE Jim, that bit doesn’t include Bojo’s mates though does it? Surely there’s a * with a titchy exclusion for Tory besties ◽

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

I’ve made clear to the Chancellor ways in which the #newstarter gap could be filled. While it’s good there’s finally some movement on this issue, it’s critical that others falling through gaps receive support.

There’s loads things to take the piss out of my good mate @TomTugendhat for, but his name (and the story behind it) definitely isn’t one of them. Really bad call from editorial team at The Observer.

Category is #IDAHOTB Day. Although we’ve made big steps forward, there’s still a long way to go to eliminate discrimination against LGBTIQ Australians. Keep up the fight and stay strong & fabulous. 💜