All deleted tweets from politicians

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

Azad Kashmir was today’s discussion agenda leading to our heated exchange with BJP representatives and Indian journalists in a meeting at Capital Building of the state of IOWA hosted by US senators and house representatives. @ACYPL

Ahmed Patel (india) replied to @ahmedpatel :

Today’s address confirms our claims that the government has no achievement to showcase , has no vision to offer except that of ruining the economy & dividing the nation

Elin Jones (plaid-cymru) tweeted :

Important Editorial in today’s Wester Mail @WalesOnline

Everyday sexism still alive and well in political coverage by the Scottish tabloid press- my column in today’s Edinburgh Evening News:…

Crossrail looks pristine but opening may be delayed for two years good article in today’s Guardian picking up on latest news reported to the London Assembly: p

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

In today’s pantomime it is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate calling me a traitor for voting against attempts to scupper brexit.

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

Today’s Daily Ummat Lead

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

Today’s Ausaf

Thinking about the families of those killed in today’s attack in London, those who have been injured injured, and the police, emergency services and members of the public who bravely and selflessly intervened to help.

Fantastic results for #TeamStephens on the campaign trail in Pollok tonight. Many voters excited about today’s manifesto launch and our positive vision for the future of Scotland. #ScotlandsRightToChoose #VotrSNP #GE19 #SNPManifesto