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Ged Killen (UKMPs) retweeted @annaturley :

RT @annaturley: Thank you ⁦@tom_watson⁩ for saying what should have been said in 2016. The European Union represents our values of solidarity, freedom & internationalism. Building peace & prosperity from the ravages of war. Brexit is and always has been a right wing Tory project.

RT @MichaelDugher: If you #LoveMusic, check out our new ⁦@UK_Music⁩ video backing music creators. Features @crispinhunt@tom_watson⁩@DCMS_SecOfState @MadeleinaKay⁩@DaveRowntree ⁦⁦@MarianHarkin⁩@TheresaMEP@julie4nw⁩ et al 🦋🎶

RT @paulmasonnews: To the Lexit cranks slagging off ⁦⁦@tom_watson⁩ for mooting a new a membership vote on our Brexit position... would it be OK if a left winger called for it instead, or do you just despise party democracy? 👇🏽…