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RT @Adrian_Hilton: I genuinely don't understand this mania. The PM has *not* "reneged on the deal" because the #WithdrawalAgreement was alw…

Disappointed and concerned that the #WithdrawalAgreement was rejected. All eyes are now on London.. We know what London does not want. Now time to say what the UK wants.

Dan Carden MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Nothing has changed. Theresa May’s botched #WithdrawalAgreement fails to protect jobs, rights and industries. It’s a bad deal for communities whether they voted to Leave or Remain. I will vote against it tonight.

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

The problems with the #WithdrawalAgreement are so much deeper than the backstop. I cannot not vote for any form of Brexit because every form of Brexit is bad for jobs and bad for Britain.

RT @richard_littler: Spot the difference. Changes to the #WithdrawalAgreement.

RT @joannaccherry: Oh dear @MerrynSW really doesn’t understand the #backstop or the #WithdrawalAgreement. Fortunately @KirstySNP is there t…

Caroline Flint (Labour) retweeted @cisweb :

RT @cisweb: We're also pleased to see the amendment lodged to the #WithdrawalAgreement by @JohnMannMP, signed by @lisanandy, @gareth_snell…