All deleted tweets from politicians

Omar Abdullah (india) tweeted :

@jandkgovernor Malik Sb has launched a PR blitz. I won’t comment on the appropriateness of this. All I’ll say is that Gov Malik Sb will be judged by one yardstick only - how quickly he is able to give the people of J&K a popularly elected government.Any delay will be his failure.

Bill Esterson (Labour) tweeted :

How dare the Prime Minister ask my constituents in Sefton Central to Trust her when she won’t even let Parliament have a vote. Is she threatening the fundamental principles of our democracy?

This is my first statement to the parliament on remote school attendance and performance but it certainly won’t be my last word on this absolutely vital subject.

Mary Creagh (Labour) tweeted :

£39bn is just for the divorce. Brexit will cost £100bn by 2030. £1000k per person, each year. I won’t be voting for it.

Didimala Alliance only puts Black candidates in provinces they know they won’t win !! Check at the outrage over Pastor Dumelang’s self anointed nomination. STAY WOKE - ubeke nje how they use black people there, and give those black DA Members ANC membership forms.

Jens Geier (EU) tweeted :

Leave-voting MP Nadine Dorries slams May's Brexit deal because UK won’t have seats in European parliament…

Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

PM won’t extend article 50, deliver a #PeoplesVote or General election. Her threat; her #Brexit deal or no deal. If she does that, she pushes us off the cliff edge, wrecking our country She is to blame. Her stubbornness is her weakness & a huge risk our future. #BrexitChaos

The #LibDems won’t waste time, money and effort on delivering a #Brexit deal which no one, whether they voted remain or leave, signed up for. We will give the people a #FinalSay and the choice to back any deal or staying in the EU in a #PeoplesVote #ExitfromBrexit

@OARoverseas @kibokari @EagyptM Some people claim that #Art13 won’t lead to filters, because platforms can license instead. But that’s assuming that every rightsholder will offer a license. You’re completely right, they won’t do platforms will be forced to filter.

Tracy Brabin MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Budget votes mean I won’t be able to see this but it looks excellent 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊