All deleted tweets from politicians

David Lammy (Labour) retweeted @Siddo_D :

RT @Siddo_D: RT @Siddo_D: @DavidLammy: ‘I’m made of tough stuff. You’ve got to be. There are scars on my back’ Interesting read

RT @JohnnyBlackUK: If you’ve learnt one thing from being my friend on Twitter and that is get up, live your life, because we never know how long we’ve got. I’m glad I got up this morning. 💛🥰💛 #sic2020

RT @Britts_7: Thank you for having us Scott and sharing your passion and knowledge on coffee. It’s an Amazing set up you’ve got down there. Will be proud to have @CoaltownCoffee at @SevenSwansea ☕️…

RT @WelshGovernment: You’ve already played a huge part in helping us fight coronavirus. Don’t give up now. The advice hasn’t changed. Stay at home this weekend. There’s no excuse. #StayHome

RT @PenguinUKBooks: ‘You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.’ Winston Churchill #VEDay75

RT @owen_mulligan: Looking forward to answering a few tough questions with this man tomorrow night. If your not going out and you’ve no other plans 👀. Tune in @tomas5ky

RT @LukeOHolland: RT @LukeOHolland: @SDoughtyMP @GWRHelp And sure you’ve got a half formation train and no trolley to look forward too, as well!

RT @jenniferbee33: @ACunninghamMP Happy Birthday, Alex. Hope you’ve had a relaxing day for once and that it won’t be too long before you can celebrate properly. 🎁 🎈 🎉

RT @TheIndGroup: Joan Ryan said that she could not “be part of a party that allows racism to flourish”. If, like @joanryanEnfield you’ve had enough, help us to change the way our politics is done.

RT @seantduffy: Our ground campaign can turn this around. If you’ve yet to hit the doors you have two weeks left to change this country forever. Join @angela_feeney and the growing campaign team in Motherwell & Wishaw - we are only 318 votes from victory. DM me if you want to get involved.…