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Piyush Goyal (india) tweeted :

₹20,000 crores subordinate debts for stressed MSMEs. #AatmaNirbharBharatAbhiyan

RT @RohanSameerRoy: सरकार का काम सही में क्या होता है, ये @ArvindKejriwal ने कर दिखाया है👏 👉 200यूनिट बिजली फ्री, 👉 20,000 लीटर पानी मुफ्त, 👉 मोहल्ला क्लीनिक और अस्पतालों में मुफ्त व बेहतर इलाज, 👉सरकारी स्कूलों का कायापलट, 👉सरकारी सुविधा आपके द्वार और अब #FreeBusRide #DilliMeinLadiesFirst

Youth Congress (india) tweeted :

The decisions you make reveals the truth about you. BJP- -65000 cr waived off for bank defaulters -20,000 cr Central Vista project given nod But refused to help India's poor workers. Congress party to buy tickets for the poor to go home. #CongressForIndia

RT @FelizLadona: A las encuestadoras #DATUM le pagaban USD 30,000 y a #CPI 20,000 POR ENCUESTA, cualquier parecido a la realidad es Pura coincidencia no Martin???

Guy Caron (NDP) replied to @GuyCaronNPD :

@MrSteveTweedale Say someone earns $15,000 and the LICO is $20,000. Say there is a 50% clawback, so that 50 cents is repaid per dollar earned above $20,000. You lose your BI at $30,000. But those at $23,000 didn't qualify. It's unfair to them. And the system is more complicated.

RT @FinbarSaunders6: @LouHaigh 20,000 new officers would be good. Better would be making joining the police a lifetime career. The constant Tory erosion of pay and conditions has created a timebomb whereby in 5-10 years time we will have hardly any experienced coppers and quality of policing will plummet.

RT @TROfficeofPD: RT @TROfficeofPD: Turkish Coast Guard Command has rescued more than 20,000 migrants in Aegean Sea since January. htt…

RT @davidfrum: 500,000 Americans sick. 20,000 Americans dead. New York State alone has more confirmed cases than Italy. 18% of the NYPD out sick. As the nation mourns, the president of the United States has spent 2 hours of Easter evening retweeting congratulations to himself.

Piyush Goyal (india) retweeted @BJP4India :

RT @BJP4India: COVID-19 महामारी की रोकथाम के लिये भारतीय रेल ने उठाए मजबूत कदम • 3.2 लाख आइसोलेशन बेड तैयार करने के लिए 20,000 बोगियों को मॉडिफाई किया जा रहा है। • 5,000 बोगियों को मॉडिफाई करने का काम शुरू, जिससे 80,000 आइसोलेशन बेड की व्यवस्था होगी। #IndiaFightsCorona

RT @DefenceHQ: Up to 20,000 troops have been earmarked to help the UK’s response to the #coronavirus outbreak. Find out more about Military Aid to Civilian Authorities 👇#InThisTogether