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RT @2010LeeHurst: Neil Kinnock, despite not being their on 3rd May 1986 when I was arrested, went on TV and called myself and 25,000 other pickets at Wapping "outcasts". Cheers Neil you pig in the trough king.

Over 25,000 jobs have been saved in our local communities from the direct support of the UK Government. This unprecendted package of support will ensure that Scotland's economy can recover from the future.

All of these funds are in addition to our action on PEF - and indeed to our £9 million investment in 25,000 laptops and tablets to assist pupils learning at home. Welcome these funding announcements by Scottish Government and look forward to seeing it utilised by schools!

Delighted she’s not working, we’re on top of #COVID19 and it’s going the right way. More worrying if all 25,000 contact tracers were working flat out, now that would be a story. 99% of tracers delighted to be part of the resilience effort, working and doing a great job 🙏

RT @TweetKamer2017: RT @TweetKamer2017: Dit laatste filmpje van @fvdemocratie is inmiddels 25,000 keer bekeken op Facebook. #tk2017…

RT @TweetKamer2017: RT @TweetKamer2017: Dit laatste filmpje van @fvdemocratie is inmiddels 25,000 keer bekeken op Facebook. #tk2017…

RT @CArchibald_SF: RT @CArchibald_SF: Hoping @Economy_NI will clarify that social enterprises are eligible for the £25,000 grants ◽◽

RT @chakrabortty: NHS England, 11th March: We'll test 10,000 a day Boris Johnson 18th March: “We’re moving up to 25,000 a day.” Matt Hancock, today: We'll hit 100,000 tests a day The government still hasn't hit the 10,000 test threshold, yet keep expanding their targets. Taking people for mugs

RT @affleckquine: The government turned down the offer of 5000 ventilators for immediate delivery with another 25,000 over 5 weeks from a UK company. Instead they are now expecting a delivery of 30 for clinical trial at the end of the week. Yes 30. #croneyism #Corruption #COVIDー19…

RT @JAshEdwards: 🚨 Mid Sussex businesses can now register for grants of £10,000 and £25,000 made available by Government to support businesses during Coronavirus. We have received the first £28m of funding and money will start flowing to local businesses next week. Register via links below ⬇️