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Gill Furniss MP (Labour) tweeted :

I've been speaking to local media about the #steeltariffs. In Y&H, 9,500 ppl directly employed in the steel industry,with wages on average 40% more than local wages.The Government has failed up to now,but going forward they must take urgent action to protect this vital industry.

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מרכז אדוה: שכר ממוצע לשכירים 9,500 ₪; שכר ממוצע של שכירים יוצאי איתיופיה -5.295 ₪! איפה הועדה הבינמשרדית לשילוב יוצאי אתיופיה בחברה?

RT @niyall22: @JWoodcockMP I hope the insurance policy happens soon :/ £9,500 for my insurance and that is as a secondary driver!!