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@scottymacadamia @rdmcl83 @_RSteel_ @John_McKee I'm a private citizen. I can do what I like.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @Bilo_Kravo :

@Bilo_Kravo @_RSteel_ @John_McKee Polls are elastic.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @_RSteel_ :

@_RSteel_ @John_McKee If I refused to recognise Scotland's district political identity, then I would support a British unitary state and government, not a federation. What you seem to be doing is asserting SNP policy and 'independence' as the only legitimate means of political expression in Scotland.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @_RSteel_ :

@_RSteel_ @John_McKee Yes. Time to stop presenting false binary choices to the electorate.