All deleted tweets from politicians

Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @NiallDeeney :

RT @NiallDeeney: George Robinson elected in East Londonderry, alongside party colleague Maurice Bradley. #AE17

Margot Parker MEP (EU) retweeted @UKIP_NI :

RT @UKIP_NI: #EastAntrim Let's elect a .@UKIP MLA to Stormont to shake things up. #AE17 #Noel4EastAntrim

RT @skydavidblevins: Seismic shift: Sinn Fein just one seat behind DUP; Unionist majority gone; petition of concern gone. #AE17

Alyn Smith MEP (unknown) tweeted :

Close eye on best wishes to all candidates in Northern Ireland's vital #AE17. Remarkable how little attention UK media has paid it.

RT @EuropeElects: UK (Northern Ireland): Sinn Féin (28.2%) ahead of DUP (28%) (94.4% of FPV counted). #SinnFéin #AE17 #VOTE17 #nielection #…

Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @PhotoJude :

RT @PhotoJude: WEST TYRONE - DUP's Tom Buchanan takes a call after being elected in the first count #AE17

Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @nwbrux :

RT @nwbrux: #AE17 North Antrim will be 2 DUP, 1 SF, 1 TUV; I think UUP better placed than DUP for last seat, so DUP likely loss. https://t.…

Nigel Dodds (UKMPs) retweeted @duponline :

RT @duponline: Your vote will determine whether Northern Ireland goes forward or back. On Thursday, Vote DUP. #AE17

RT @DKennedy_UUP: My statement for the Newry & Armagh Constituency KENNEDY 1 #AE17