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Member of Parliament for Darlington & Shadow Brexit Minister


President of @ALDEGroup and Brexit Coordinator for @Europarl_EN #IAmEuropean

RT @JKCorden: This is the best piece I’ve read about Brexit.…

The economy remains fragile as a result of Brexit and @scotgov focus is on doing all we can to support growth. But there’s little doubt that opposition claims in recent months about the relative underperformance of the Scottish economy are ringing hollow today.

RT @What_Ricky_Said: I am frowned upon for being a young (23), business owner who supports Brexit. I am not ‘extreme’ or ‘far right’ as s…

Hard realities of life in post Brexit Britain young children forced to do laundry work!

RT @realbenaston: @johnredwood May is working with other Remainers to subvert Brexit. It is blindingly obvious.

Nigel Farage (EU) tweeted :

Companies are also having to pay their emplyeew more. Brexit is beginning to work before we’ve even got it.

Bärbel Bas (unbekannt) tweeted :

@berkhoff85 Das ist die Konsequenz aus dem #Brexit und war zu erwarten. Das wird Großbritannien weiter schwächen.

Bärbel Bas (unbekannt) tweeted :

Das wird definitiv ein unruhiger Tag. Auswirkungen sind jetzt noch nicht abzusehen. #Brexit #DavidCameron #EUref