All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ianjsilvera: Shadow Defence Secretary @NiaGriffithMP talks to me about #BrexitDay

RT @ianjsilvera: . @prwhittle tells me UKIP is here to stay and he's very happy for #BrexitDay

RT @Anna_Mazz: Nothing says Brexit quite like the Union Jack upside down tied to some bins. #BrexitDay #BrexitBins

Edouard Ferrand (EU) tweeted :

.@Nigel_Farage à propos du #brexitday : "Nous n'avons fait que trouver un canot de sauvetage à bord du Titanic". Bien envoyé 🖒🖒🖒👅

David Lammy (Labour) replied to @DavidLammy :

Today we "take back control" and "get our country back" by driving our economy off a cliff for nothing. #Article50 #BrexitDay

Jens Geier (EU) tweeted :

#Brexit -Abtrag ist Fazit der verlogensten Polit-Kampagne bisher und ein bitterer Einschnitt in Geschichte der #EU #BrexitDay #SPDEuropa

Catherine Bearder (EU) tweeted :

@DavidDavisMP it's on you now. We expect what you promised. #brexitday