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UKIP Member of the European Parliament for London. Working for Britain's withdrawal from the EU.


MP for #Lichfield. Believes in Britain's place in a wider world. Loves hill walking, red wine, food, the Archers, and being with friends. One of the 52%.

RT @LeaveEUOfficial: Brexit Britain's unemployment level less than half that of the Eurozone and at its lowest since 1975. And some stil…

RT @Legal_Poodle: 'I was wrong about Brexit' admits Britain's most influential historian via @MailOnline

Margot Parker MEP (EU) retweeted @666GIME :

RT @666GIME: @DrTeckKhong @UKLabour @conservatives- It won't do much good. Another Labour government will secure Britain's bankruptcy.

RT @V_of_Europe: Nigel Farage 'Britain's Most Successful Politician in a Generation'

Britain First (unknown) tweeted :

Britain's border controls in crisis 'because of seasonal workers'! -… Follow @BritainFirst

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

How to help Britain's poor, support Africa's producers and boost the world trading system - all at the same time.…

not what I expected... “@pressjournal: Experts claim they have found Britain's oldest dinosaur"

Rule of law important. So when law is not in Britain's best interests, it should be changed. This is just shocking:…

@DanHannanMEP is right... Britain's song is not yet sung. Take a look:… #VoteLeave #TakeControl #EURef

RT @SkyNews: Councils have been given new powers to tackle Britain's growing fly-tipping problem