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RT @AlterNet: #Millennials who are "social #liberal, but fiscal #conservative" are out of touch.…

RT @HonStephaneDion: I offer my solidarity to my conservative colleagues from Québec and their employees.

RT @BrandonLewis: Remember to use your postal vote. Vote Conservative & give Theresa May the mandate to deliver Brexit #GE2017 https://t.c…

I can confirm that the Conservative Party remains fully committed to a total ban on Ivory Sales. #IvoryTrade #Conservatives

RT @NHS_RoadShow: Is someone you know thinking of voting Conservative? RT to help them out #votenhs…

RT @withorpe: Over sixty conservative MPs and peers have financial stakes in private healthcare firms being awarded NHS contracts

RT @chazzybrady: This is what 7 years of Conservative rule looks like in Redcar #sheepsinwolfsclothing #ToryNeglect

RT @AmandeepBhogal: An electric buzz in the air in Ealing with PM @theresa_may rallying #Conservative activists​ campaigning to elect m…

Pence won the debate as a serious conservative Republican contender for 2020 - but don't think he did much for Trum……

Syed Kamall (unknown) tweeted :

"opportunities ahead of us are great" #Conservative Manifesto. Lots of work to do. We need strong government #GE2017