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Couldn't ask for a better audience for The Cow Jumped Over the Moon #NSS2017

Congratulations to all the students on clearing PSEB's 10th exams with flying colours. Your parents couldn't be happier. Keep on shining!

RT @AmnaSuleiman: Social Media& Youth is the Backbone of #PTI #PMLN Couldn't counter it with its own Paid Media Cell in 4yrs. Hence, the Vi…

RT @bhak_sala: AAP MLA is found having aunaccounted 130 crores. Time to question the LokPal hype created by Kejriwal which couldn't catch t…

Niki Ashton (NDP) retweeted @m_kreshewski :

Even Erdogan couldn't have done it this peacefully.

Floyd Shivambu (EFF) tweeted :

It looks looks like Buhle disagrees that the Minister is "not that cheap". I knew i couldn't take any marriage advice from him. Lacks wisdom

@BuzzFeed 7 billion people on earth and you couldn't find a better sorry

Kavita Krishnan (unknown) tweeted :

Gagan Sethi - 'I couldn't sleep for 5 days when I read #BilkisBano statement on the massacre of her family, gangrape of her.' +

RT @joanna_caron: They couldn't break him via intimidatory/bullying tactics,now they're resorting to public humiliation,they won't win http…