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Labour Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington. Arsenal fan. If you have an issue relating to Covid-19, please go to


MSP for Aberdeenshire East. Covid advice: Email:

RT @manakgupta: RT @manakgupta: Home Minister Amit Shah tests negative for COVID-19 @AmitShah

Cinque deputati hanno chiesto e ottenuto il bonus covid, nonostante i 12000 euro di stipendio. Che vergogna! Spero che si sappiano i loro nomi perchè gli elettori devono poter giudicare questi tristi figuri #9agosto…

RT @shossontwits: Vreselijke realiteit. Zwart scenario in Houston. ‘All the hospitals are full': In Houston, overwhelmed ICUs leave COVID-19 patients waiting in ER…

RT @afneil: Boris Johnson says UK close to winning Phase 1 of battle against Covid-19. Plans for Phase 2 have been under preparation for weeks and will start to be unveiled later this week (“days ahead”).

RT @ScotParl: Today's Committee Meetings begin at 9:30am and include: 🏉 Health and Sport Commitee- 9:30am ❗ COVID-19 Committee - 10:30am 📺 Watch live on SPTV:

RT @drfahrettinkoca: RT @drfahrettinkoca: Bugün maske takmayan, yarın Covid-19’un gerçek yüzünü görebilir.

RT @moreno_mirta: Les sugiero a cada uno de nosotros que haya perdido un familiar por COVID, empezar a presentar demandas por genocidio a los magistrados de @SalaCnalSV y a los diputados de @AsambleaSV ,no es posible que ellos tengan licencia de enviar a la muerte al pueblo y no hagamos NADA!

RT @DrKarleenG: The COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies show us how important breastfeeding is and why we must support mothers #COVID19 #WBW2020…

@alick_munro @MarionIMcLean Not “ditched”. Despite Covid disrupting our work, we continue to discuss, with our potential local authority partners, the business case for the ‘white label’ model recommended in the Outline Case. Business Case.

100 araç 100 Doktor 100 sağlık görevlisi ve Covid 19 Sağlık destek hattı @gantepvaliligi öncülüğünde Gaziantep’imizin hizmetinde.. 444 06 27’yi arayın Doktorunuz ve ilacınız ayağınıza gelsin. Muayene sonunda ihtiyaç var hastanede yok ise evinizde tedaviniz devam etsin.