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Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @beerycey :

@beerycey @MonicaLennon7 I think that the Scottish Government should look at commissioning the DWP to extend UC eligibility to students, abolish the 2-child cap, and also look at converting the optional UC advance payment as a grant for those without reasonable savings to last them the five week wait.

RT @DWP: You can now get benefits information through the #Coronavirus Information service on WhatsApp. 📱 For official advice and information directly from the government, WhatsApp ‘Hi’ to 07860 064 422 Or tap this link:…

RT @24housing: A @DWP minister has batted off the future for Local Housing Allowance rates beyond April next year, following a Supreme Court housing benefit ruling -… #ukhousing

RT @24housing: RT @24housing: DWP faces urgent questions over Universal Credit fraud -… #ukhousing

RT @24housing: House hears of a need to relieve individuals of the responsibility to inform DWP of rent changes. @CarolineFlintMP makes case for tech alternative. #UniversalCredit

RT @24housing: The @DWP 'can’t afford to say' what the longest time period was from initial claim to the first payment for #UniversalCredit last year -… #ukhousing

RT @24housing: #UniversalCredit claimants who refuse zero-hours contract jobs risk @DWP sanctions, a parliamentary question has confirmed -… #ukhousing

RT @24housing: The DWP has a “systemic problem” in dealing with the disabled that requires independent review, the House of Commons has heard -… #ukhousing

RT @Liberal_Tory: Great to see @GuyOpperman talking about his work on implementing 'green taxes' in @DWP It's very welcome to hear that the government is focused on solving climate change, especially post-Covid #OneNation #LiberalConservatives are environmentalists to our core @ToryReformGroup

RT @AlunPlaidCymru: U-turn by #DWP after pressure from @PlaidArfon MP @HywelPlaidCymru as plans sumbmitted for a permanent disability assessment centre in Bangor city centre. #Bangor 👍🏻…