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Member of Icelandic Parliament. Economy & trade, foreign affairs. Chair of Future Committee & EFTA & EEA Committees. Programmer, pilot, author.

RT @Tories4EFTA: Figures for GDP per capita, IMF 2018 (US$) 2) 🇨🇭, 82950 (EFTA) 3) 🇳🇴, 81695 (EFTA) 5) 🇮🇸, 74278 (EFTA) ... 20) 🇬🇧, 42558…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) replied to @SMTuffy :

@SMTuffy You describe me as a Brexit ultra. As an EFTA supporter, that prompts me to ask what you’d consider a Brexit moderate. You still haven’t answered.

@stoneybe1 Yes, a pity that. If more people had joined me in pushing for an EFTA-type solution instead of trying to turn it into a "gotcha" point, who knows where we might be?

RT @euro_jonathan: In case you missed it, the UK and the EEA EFTA countries have agreed their own Brexit separation agreement. Merry Christ…

Dr Charles Tannock (EU) replied to @hall_ed :

@hall_ed @GeorgeTrefgarne @JGForsyth @theresa_may Not aware the EFTA EEA model ever properly debated in ukuParliament let alone considered by HMG as a compromise solution.

RT @goudie_will: @jreynoldsMP I voted to leave and fully support EEA-EFTA. Don't believe the nonsense that leave voters don't support it.

RT @GeorgeTrefgarne: 1. The EEA+EFTA route is manifestly superior to a Customs Union. It is specifically designed to preserve national sove…

Really hope this is true. Indicative votes on Revoke, 2nd Ref, Customs Union, Common Market, EFTA, No Deal & everything else have been no more productive than yrs of effort by HMG. No escaping that the deal IS the compromise & still highest scoring option considered by Parliament

RT @DanielJHannan: Can we please stop calling it "Norway Plus"? The "Plus" negates the whole point of EFTA, which is that it's outside the…