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Former Member of Parliament/Aelod Seneddol Aberconwy. V.Chair @ Righttovote#FinalSay on Brexit. Constituents Contact/Cyswllt

RT @ninz50: Great to see Mitchell @Wales4Europe and @vaughangething on the way to London for the #PutItToThePeopleMarch for a #FinalSay. Over 100 people are attending today thanks to Vaughan's generosity in funding 2 coaches. Thank you from all of us.

Andy Slaughter (Labour) tweeted :

For the NHS, for a #FinalSay, for the climate and for a brighter future, #VoteLabour!

Karen Buck (Labour) tweeted :

The Conservatives have had 9 years in power and left a mess. Whether your priority is a Brexit #finalsay, the NHS, schools, the climate crisis, homelessness- let’s put hope for a better world into action today: #votelabour

RT @BenPBradshaw: It really does feel like the LibDems are about to get into bed with the Tories *again*. Selling out #finalsay #PeoplesVote just as we’re about to get a majority for one. 😡 #BrexitShambles…

RT @peoplesvote_uk: RT @peoplesvote_uk: BREAKING - 1,000,00 MARCH FOR A #FINALSAY The #PeoplesVoteMarch has today become one of the biggest public protests in…

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

I can’t march with Pauline and thousands of others today on the demonstration. for a #FinalSay, but I’ll be marching through the aye lobby to vote for one. Thank you to everyone turning out for @peoplesvote_uk today. We’ll do our best to make your voices heard.

RT @LSRPlaid: RT @LSRPlaid: @AndrewRTDavies Why are so many politicians running scared of allowing the people a #FinalSay? #PeoplesVote Whose future…

Ben Bradshaw (Labour) replied to @bevcott :

@bevcott Far better to have #FinalSay #PeoplesVote first, so everyone’s vote, like this woman’s counts & then an election, which can focus on local issues, rather than the single issue of #brexit.

This what “taking back control” and putting your country first looks like #NotoNoDeal #Revoke #FinalSay @peoplesvote_uk