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Govt has failed to publish Attorney General's full legal advice on Brexit deal as was ordered by Parliament. On behalf of @Plaid_Cymru I have joined cross-party colleagues and submitted a letter to Speaker of the Commons asking him to launch proceedings of contempt. #Brexit 🇪🇺

RT @SXMProgress: Will the General's save us from #Trump? @nayyeroar hosts another Progress Presents #OurFirstLineOfDefense, speaking…

Claire Moore (australia) tweeted :

#UN Secretary-General's remarks in NY on the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons...

RT @lvgcommunities: SLAPDOWN Brandis reverses order giving him control of access to solicitor general's advice @Louise_Pratt @linessue htt…

As Israel's extremist regime rejects its Attorney General's view to purportedly legitimise illegal land seizures Trump abets

Terence Young (unknown) tweeted :

Check out this @OakvilleBeaver article re: the Gov General's Awards in commemoration of the Persons Case

Terence Young (unknown) tweeted :

Nominations open 4 Gov General's awards in commemoration of the Persons Case #Oakville

RT @Openthemag: An Open Exclusive: @ShashiTharoor on the inside story of how he lost the race for the @UN Secretary-General's job…

Jay Aspin MP (unknown) tweeted :

Wishing my good friend Sean Chorney well as he departs for the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference

RT @tony_convery: @talatyaqoob Have you read the French Consul General's denial to @GdnScotland? Rather a significant detail to overlook.