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RT @GamerValleyboy: When Jess Phillips was filmed laughing when the results of the #generalelection19 came in she wasn't just laughing at the results, she was laughing at the homeless, the students, the NHS the millions #Labour would have helped, she represents the few not the many #LabourLeadership

RT @alstewitn: #GeneralElection19 The @TheIFS was brutal about the tax & spend policies of both @UKLabour & the @Conservatives. It is enlightening to see some TV reporters going hell for leather on the criticisms of one party and notably less so on those of the other. There's a pattern here.

RT @WENWales: Congratulations to all women who stood as candidates in #GeneralElection19 We are very proud that one of our #WenMentoring alumni @AthertonNWales was elected MP for Wrexham, the 1st woman Tory MP from Wales. 👏👏👏Congratulations & to her mentor @suzydaviesam

RT @TIGERS_UK: Read what the @ForChange_Now party guarantee for their manifesto, 2020 vision for change #GeneralElection19 @Anna_Soubry @ChrisLeslieMP @MikeGapes Tomorrow, make sure you're aware of all parties manifestos. YP have an opportunity to shape the UK's future

RT @LeoHolmes1999: Delivering some festive cheer and a Labour Government in Westminster on December the 12th! #GeneralElection19  #VoteForALabourGovernment #VoteLabour

#GeneralElection19 Fav photo of the week. It looks a lot dryer and warmer than the reality ⁦@NeilBibby⁩@suzanwking⁩@DrewSm1th⁩ @PiggotCraig