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#Pakistan Supreme Court REJECTS Sindh govt’s plea to suspend SHC verdict in #DanielPearl case | The Express Tribune…

RT @piersmorgan: I didn’t understand a word of the Govt’s policy on airport quarantine from that briefing. Made zero sense & sounded like Professor Van-Tam was making it up as he went along.

Denise Lee (unknown) tweeted :

It’s official, the Govt’s Equal Pay Amendment Bill has been waiting on the order paper for over 12 months! Why are they refusing to pass their own bill when it makes important progress for women?

RT @TNLComFund: Happy Friday everyone - the @DCMS Govt’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund is now open for applications! Apply here for funding to help you support your community in England through COVID-19.…

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

Morrison Govt’s decision to reject the Defence Hon & Awards Appeals Tribunal's recommendation & deny Teddy Sheean a posthumous VC was very disappointing & hurtful for his family, supporters & our #veteran community. The Govt needs to reverse this injustice now. #politas #auspol

RT @dominiquetaegon: I just came across this video on Facebook. This man is basically crying tears of happiness because the govt’s ‘bounce back’ loan scheme has saved his small business from going under. In it he thanks Boris & the Conservatives. Twitter really isn’t real life!

RT @M_Lekhi: Beauty is that earlier govt’s used to announce schemes without taking care of implementation. Present govt under the aegis of PM is working towards not just announcements but allocating funds 4there implementation.Core issues health & education will strengthen Atmanirbhar Bharat

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :

The Govt’s COVID-19 is an overreach of Govt power.

Parliament should lead the way, and follow the Govt’s own advice - which it issues does the safety of us all - & work from home if it is possible, which - through the hard fought for hybrid Parliament - it is. #COVID19 /End.

RT @TanDhesi: We’re all concerned about Govt’s slow progress on testing, but this story seems ridiculous and needs to be independently investigated. Tory chums can’t just be handed huge contracts totally unopposed! Even in midst of a crisis, some things never change!…