All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Jay4Hind: @georgegalloway Watching @TheBlairDoc again on London Live - seen it about 9 times already on Prime since it came out. Hasn't lost any of its power. Best political doc. ever made - and I am anti-Socialist.

RT @gurpreetdhillon: My 10 year old son still hasn't learned his lesson to never underestimate his grandfather's basketball skills!! Now he's down $20!! 😅😅😅

RT @EHertsRrlPolice: Today officers on our rural team attended work & went home to their family, a hero in London hasn't gone home to their family #PoliceFamily

RT @AaronWherry: RT @AaronWherry: New from me: On faith, politics and the questions Andrew Scheer hasn't answered.…

Kevin Brennan MP (Labour) tweeted :

With so many in lockdown, digital inclusion has never been more important, yet the government hasn't invested a single penny to help close the digital divide. In @CommonsDCMS I spoke to @ndeanstockport of @startpointsk6 about the need for investment to help the digitally excluded

Thelma Walker (UKMPs) retweeted @NEUnion :

RT @NEUnion: .@cyclingkev speaking on @thismorning... The govt hasn't engaged with teachers unions and the Prime Minister's advice lacks scientific detail. 📽️Watch and share the interview in full below 👇

RT @StephieBorys: "We deserve an uppercut." @D_LittleproudMP tells @BreakfastNews it hasn't been the finest week for the Nationals (re Eden-Monaro). "Self-indulgence on any level isn't accepted....we deserve an can't sugar coat it, that's the truth." #auspol @politicsabc

RT @MammothWhale: Stephen Kerr also admits he hasn't actually read the analysis (oh boy) and is concerned that the Scottish economy will be worse off, but he doesn't believe the scenarios will happen. "Forecasts and forecasts." WOW WHAT AN AMAZING AND DETAILED RESPONSE.

RT @MammothWhale: I'm guessing that either @stephenkerrMP hasn't read the report or doesn't understand basic economics. The report highlights the cost of renationalising the railways but doesn't touch on any profits made. And the paper does not consider MMT where you pay zero interest.…

RT @MammothWhale: @ProfTomkins Your party hasn't won an election in Scotland since 1959. You came 4th place in the most recent elections. You are masters at being losers. You don't get to dictate Scotland's future.