All deleted tweets from politicians

These right-wing extremists targeting Aamer haven't brain cell between them,we condone this behaviour,& stand in solidarity with @AamerAnwar

Gerard Batten MEP (EU) tweeted :

Here's an interesting story I haven't seen in our national broadcast media. Bad luck all round here (if true).…

@holyroodmandy Ah, so that's the now the Tory code phrase for "we haven't a clue what we want" and/or "we are split down the middle".

RT @liamyoung: @karlmccartney @waitrose @Lawrious I haven't worked at Waitrose since 2015! Never saw MP to be fair.

RT @palwashjana: "There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't met yet." - W.B. Yeats

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

In Vichy, struck by the total lack of any reminder of what happened here after 1940. I haven't seen even a plaque. Am I missing something?

RT @steve4319: If you haven't already - meet @Molly4Bristol

RT @YsabelleStewart: @ProfTomkins And we haven't forgotten about the rape clause. Feminist orgs in Scotland will not let that one by.

RT @StephenNaulls: The PhOwen Bank system is brilliant and so easy to use. If you haven't signed up yet, get on it! #Owen2016…

RT @GajMagdalena: WSIS is not the problem. WSIS is the solution. But there is still plenty to be done as we haven't finished the race to di…