All deleted tweets from politicians

@lutoneye Er, I think he’ll call Kelvin first.

@jackthorne @sarfrazmanzoor He’ll do the book, you the screenplay, and I’ll do the.. songs?! ◽

Johnson will send that letter but make it clear that if the EU extends, he’ll smash the place up. Block every council; veto any treaty. And dare the EU27 - in the light of this intention - to kick us out in 31 days time. In other words his presence as PM becomes the issue. (2/4)

RT @Luke_FoleyNSW: A man went to work here in Auburn this morning & he’ll never go home to his loved ones We grieve for him & we pray for his workmates in hospital And we’ll honour them by committing to the best workplace safety laws in the world

RT @StephenLloydEBN: If this is true then Cummings is a grade A shit and, as sure as eggs is eggs, he’ll crash and burn. You don’t treat people who report to you like this, ever! Even Tory gov SPADS. Kindness costs nothing.

RT @GarethBQuinn: RT @GarethBQuinn: So, what he’s saying is, he’ll serve as Scottish Secretary under a Boris premiership.…

RT @MattWolfAB: Imagine if Andrew Scheer was asked whether he’ll ban abortion, and he answered “not at the moment,” then refused to elaborate. Think Scheer would be able to get away with that? Think the press would be trying to debunk Liberal attack ads? No on both counts. #cdnpoli #elxn43…

RT @austinlockedup: RT @austinlockedup: I’m pretending to be a hot girl on tinder so I can match with my roomate and tell him Im coming over so he’ll clean the…

RT @JohnDoe78359022: RT @JohnDoe78359022: Judge rules Jeffrey Epstein will not be granted bail. He’ll remain in jail until his trial.

RT @GlindonMary: So proud of my husband Ray! Despite the news that tumours in his pelvic & abdominal lymph nodes are growing & he’ll start chemotherapy from now till February, he’s laying a ton of slate chips in the garden. He’s determined his incurable cancer won’t stop him keeping busy as ever!